April 25, 2017

The History of PRESTIGE Yachts. How It All Began…

Perfect layout, excellent quality and timeless design make for the great signature of PRESTIGE yachts in the world. The brand started its path as a manufacturer of luxury yachts almost 30 years ago. But the roots of its history date back to 1957. Everything started when Henri Jeanneau, who was fond of airplanes and automobiles, began admiring powerboats passing by his window. His instant passion about the vessel’s beauty made influence on thousands of people worldwide. Henri Jeanneau’s rising interest in competitive powerboat racing pushed him to take part in a race. He crafted his first wooden hull in Les Herbiers, France; a place which is famous as an artisan art cradle. Luckily, his boat was first to cross the line at the 6-hour Paris race, the largest national race at the time. Inspired with success, Henri Jeanneau decided to dedicate his life to shipbuilding and started producing boats in series.

In 1957, he established the Jeanneau shipyard. From the very beginning, Jeanneau’s boats differed from the other vessels available on the market in its innovative technical solutions, immaculate design and artisanal woodwork. In 1958, the shipyard finished the work of the first boat with a fiberglass hull. The model was named “Sports polyester” and was considered a technological blast in the shipbuilding industry. The boat had a tremendous success and established a promising starting point for the new upcoming models of Jeanneau yachts.

The shipyard continued exploring ways to improve seaworthy qualities of its boats and slowly but surely gained the leading place on the powerboating market.

In 1976, Jeanneau presented its single-handed boat at the single-handed transatlantic race. The boat proved its high quality and power by sailing across the Atlantic.

In 1984, Jeanneau released the largest catamaran ever built at that time. The model was named “Fleury Michon” and was awarded with numerous titles, including the Route du Rhum (single-handed transatlantic race) in 1986 and the transatlantic sailing record in 1987.

1987 was the year of great success for the brand. Jeanneau beat world records for speed with a production model engine (170.21 Km/h) and for endurance over 24 hours.

Moreover, the brand’s boats won four awards in the 24-hour race of Rouen and took the first place in the 6-hour race in Paris, as well as in Great Britain and in Singapore. Constant development and improvement are two values the shipyard cherished over the years and preserved in all of its following models.

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1989 PRESTIGE 41

Jeanneau yachts and powerboats became extremely popular among yachtsmen for their exceedingly high technical characteristics, easy handling and superb design.

However, it was not in Jeanneau’s nature to stop and simply rely upon past achievements. In 1989, the brand entered the market of luxury yachts with its first PRESTIGE boat. The model was named PRESTIGE 41 and married uncompromised seaworthy qualities and elegant contemporary design.

The work on PRESTIGE 41 gathered most renowned design groups of the time. The yacht was designed by J&J Design along with Jeanneau design team. The deck and the interior look was crafted by the Italians Garroni and Musio Sale. Since then, Garroni has worked on the interiors of all PRESTIGE yachts. It reflects in timeless lines, contemporary solutions, spacious living spaces and light airy look of the inner zones of the boats.

This is when the story of PRESTIGE began…

2000 PRESTIGE 36

In 2000, PRESTIGE presented to the world its first Flybridge yacht, PRESTIGE 36. Today PRESTIGE offers a full line of Flybridge yachts being famous for their spacious interiors, flybridges, sunbathing and relaxing areas.

PRESTIGE Fly yachts are designed so one can fully enjoy the sun and sea breeze.

PRESTIGE 36 was developed with bright and spacious living spaces and high level of privacy for cabins, becoming an unmistakable feature of the PRESTIGE brand. PRESTIGE 36 got recognized among customers as a perfect boat for family cruising and enjoyable quality time with friends.

Another reason why 2000 was a successful year for PRESTIGE was the opening of the new, ultra-modern 22,000 m2 shipyard in Les Herbiers, France.

2010 PRESTIGE 60

Constant growth and even faster-growing ambitions led PRESTIGE to the market of large motor yachts. The first PRESTIGE yacht of this range was the elegant and innovative PRESTIGE 60. Sporty and elegant lines of the hull along with exquisite interior design developed by The Garroni Design created a beauty that couldn’t let anyone stay ignorant.

Cutting-edge technical solutions won the boat a spot on the global market. Equipped with the brand-new Volvo IPS pods, PRESTIGE 60 quickly attracted the attention of yachtsmen all over the world.

2014 PRESTIGE 750

In 2014, PRESTIGE launched its flagship PRESTIGE 750. The 75-footer captured a lot of hearts by its luxury mix of Italian style, French elegance, forefront technologies and unique design features. PRESTIGE 750 is a perfect yacht for socializing and entertainment. The sleek design allowed to achieve the highest level of comfort either staying on anchor or cruising.

Another special thing about PRESTIGE 750 is that it was built in the new PRESTIGE shipyard for large yachts in Monfalcone, Italy.

2016 PRESTIGE 680

PRESTIGE 680 joins the line of Flybridge PRESTIGE yachts combining all the key points that brought PRESTIGE brand its striking success. It adopts all main technical features that raised PRESTIGE 750 to the top of its glory and offers the unmistakable sign of The Garroni Design elegant luxury style.

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PRESTIGE stepped out from being just a child of Jeanneau yard under huge Groupe Beneteau umbrella. Today, the brand offers three distinct model lines: Flybridge, Coupe and Sport Top yachts.

The ultimate success of PRESTIGE yachts relies on a few main concepts: all living spaces on the entirely single level, 360° panoramic views, a perfect layout offering the luxury of space and a separate owner’s suite. PRESTIGE managed to combine all these elements to create an ultimate level of comfort.

Today, more than 2,500 yachtsmen in all seas enjoy the perfect quality and comfort that goes along with PRESTIGE luxury yachts.

PRESTIGE yacht stretches from 42 to 75 feet long; however, this is not the length limit.